Top 10 Best Restaurants in Magaluf + Advice

Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey in Magaluf? This vibrant seaside town in Majorca offers a diverse dining scene, with a plethora of restaurants that cater to every taste and preference. From traditional Spanish flavors to international cuisines, Magaluf has something to satisfy every craving. Join us as we explore the best restaurants in Magaluf, where delectable dishes and unforgettable dining experiences await.

Magaluf’s Best Restaurants

Holidaymakers may discover the enjoy the Spanish & Balearics gastronomy at the Magaluf restaurants. Eating out is a great way to relax and enjoy the unique sunny beauty of the island’s Mediterranean scenery. The gastronomy and cuisine of Majorca is also great for holidaymakers. Below you may find the top 10 best restaurants in Magaluf.

A Fusion of Flavors: International Cuisine

Magaluf is a melting pot of international influences, and its dining scene reflects this diversity. Here are some restaurants where you can savor a fusion of flavors from around the world.

Pirates Beach Bar & Grill: Caribbean Vibes by the Sea

Pirates Beach Bar is a great beach bar in Magaluf, also Magaluf’s only beacg BBQ. Pirates Beach Bar is the centre of Magaluf beach and an ideal place to relax and have fun with its famous home made food, premium cocktails, live music and beautiful views of the Bay.

  • Indulge in Caribbean-inspired dishes such as jerk chicken, grilled seafood, and tropical fruit salads.
  • Sip on refreshing cocktails while enjoying the laid-back beachfront atmosphere.
  • Don’t miss their live music nights, where local artists perform lively Caribbean tunes.

Koy Club: Asian Fusion Delights

  • Experience a blend of Asian flavors at Koy Club, known for its sushi, sashimi, and creative fusion dishes.
  • Immerse yourself in the stylish and modern ambiance of this trendy restaurant and lounge.
  • Be sure to try their signature cocktails, crafted with a touch of Asian influence.

Traditional Spanish Delights: Local Cuisine

No visit to Majorca would be complete without indulging in the rich and authentic flavors of Spanish cuisine. Magaluf boasts several restaurants where you can savor traditional Spanish dishes prepared with the finest local ingredients.

Restaurante Maritimo: Seafood Delicacies by the Harbor

  • Feast on fresh seafood delights, including grilled prawns, paella, and traditional fish stews.
  • Enjoy stunning views of the harbor while savoring the flavors of the Mediterranean.
  • Don’t forget to try their homemade desserts, such as crema catalana or tarta de Santiago.

Casa Rustica: Rustic Charm and Traditional Tapas

  • Step into Casa Rustica and experience the warm and rustic ambiance of a traditional Spanish tavern.
  • Sample a variety of tapas, including patatas bravas, jamón ibérico, and gambas al ajillo.
  • Pair your tapas with a glass of local wine or sangria for a truly authentic experience.


Tom Brown’s Restaurant

Tom Brown’s Restaurant is a great restaurant in Magaluf famous for its Sunday roast dinners, toad in the hole, curries, fish and chips and their world famous all day English breakfasts.

Address: Carrer Contralmirall Pou, 2, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 13 05 00

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Palm Beach Restaurant

Palm Beach Restaurant is a great beach-side restaurant located on Magalluf beach. The restaurant is popular for its home-made dishes, black rock grill, meat and fish menus.

Address: Magaluf Beach, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 13 28 96 Web:

Chi Chi’s Tex-Mex Restaurant

Chi Chi’s Tex-Mex Restaurant is a lovely restaurant in Magaluf famous for its spicy Mexican cuisine that include Cajun chicken, fajitas and the hearty chilli-con-carne.

Address: Calle Martin Ros Garcia, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 683 546

Los Caracoles Restaurant

Los Caracoles Restaurant is a good traditional Spanish restaurant in Magaluf famous for its spicy snails and super lamb dishes.

Address: Calle Galerias Toboso, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 680 267

Restaurante Venezia

Restaurante Venezia is a great Italian restaurant in Magaluf famous for its fine pizzas, salads, pastas and meat dishes.

Address: Avenida Pedro Vaquer Ramis, near House of Katmandu, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 683 288

Portofino Restaurant

Portofino Restaurant is a great Italian restaurant in Magaluf famous for its Pizzas, Crepes and Steaks.

Address: Calle Punta Ballena 18, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 680 581

Chilli Indian Restaurant

Chilli Indian Restaurant is a great Indian restaurant & take-away in Magaluf famous for its Indian dishes.

Address: Avenida Pedro Vaquer Ramis 10, near House of Katmandu, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 131 692

La Vieja Taberna

Restaurante Hang Zhou II is a great Chinese restaurant in Magaluf famous for its Chinese and Asian dishes.

Address: 6 Avinguda Notari Alemany, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 972 133 008

Burger King Magaluf

Burger King is also a great choice for all holidaymakers.

Address: Calle Blanc 2, Magaluf, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 131 148

Insider Advice: Exploring the Local Gems

While the above-mentioned restaurants offer exceptional dining experiences, don’t forget to venture off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems in Magaluf. Here are a few insider tips to enhance your culinary adventure:

Explore the Side Streets

  • Wander through the side streets of Magaluf and you’ll stumble upon quaint family-run restaurants that serve traditional homemade dishes.
  • These hidden gems often offer a more intimate and authentic dining experience.

Seek Local Recommendations

  • Talk to the locals and seek their recommendations for lesser-known but fantastic eateries.
  • They can guide you to local establishments that may not be as popular among tourists but offer an unforgettable culinary experience.

Embrace the Tapas Culture

  • Make it a point to indulge in the tapas culture, where you can sample a variety of small plates and share them with friends or loved ones.
  • Tapas allow you to explore a wide range of flavors and culinary creations in one sitting.

Magaluf is a culinary paradise that caters to the diverse tastes of its visitors. From international fusion dishes to traditional Spanish delicacies, there’s a restaurant to suit every palate. Whether you’re seeking a romantic waterfront dining experience or a lively evening filled with music and flavors, Magaluf’s dining scene has it all.

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