Eating out in Alcudia (What to eat? Top Dishes + Advice)

As for eating out in Alcudia; holidaymakers may find numerous restaurants and cafes in Magaluf lined up by the beach promenade and around the town centre. A great day out and dine & wine at the Alcudia restaurants is a great attraction.

The gastronomy and Majorcan cuisine is also great for holidaymakers. Pickles on cocktail sticks, homely omelets, cheeses and hams, baby earthenware casseroles with sizzling hot dishes and elegant mayonnaise-topped mouthfuls.

The medieval town of Alcudia, the Alcudia Old Town, stands within an ancient Moorish fort wall. Seeing the Alcudia Old Town and experiencing the authentic Majorcan life is a great attraction for the holidaymakers.

Holidaymakers may enjoy the the variety of cafes and restaurants at the square of the Alcudia Old Town.

As for gastronomy of the Island; the typical Mallorcan soups are very popular that are served as a first course. They are mostly made from a nourishing blend of vegetables, thinly cut slices of brown bread, onion and tomato.

Tumbet is another very typical dish that is a ratatouille-like baked vegetable dish, usually cooked in a greixera (casserole) and contains aubergines , potatoes, peppers and tomato.

When it comes to meat dishes; the popular local roast sucking pig, and escaldums, duck or turkey stews with potatoes and almonds are a must. Loin of pork with cabbage is also popular. There is also popular Mallorcan spicy red sausage spread, sobrasada that is made of finely diced pork, seasoning, paprika and cayenne pepper.

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However, the local fish and seafood dishes are the most popular ones of the island and are really worth a taste. The lobster stew which is called caldereta de langosta, the sea scorpion named cap roig, the fish croquettes made with jonquillo are very popular.

As for cakes and pastries; the lard named ensaimada is very popular in the island that is made from flour and lard and is a sweet magically fluffy half-bun, halfpastry with a flattened, coiled, turban-like shape. The smaller ones are eaten with breakfast, while the bigger ones are eaten as a dessert or at tea time, or taken home by visitors as a souvenir of a happy holiday spent on Majorca.

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