Scuba Diving in Palma de Mallorca (Best Tours, Locations + Centres)

With its 350 miles of magnificent coastline, beautiful coves, crystal clear waters and excellent underwater environment, Majorca and Palma de Mallorca is an ideal place for scuba diving lovers from all over the world.

The water temperature in Palma de Mallorca is very suitable for diving lovers. From beginners to professionals, there are many opportunities in Palma de Mallorca for diving lovers. And also diving tours companies organise first dives, daily outings and night time excursions.

Palma’s Popular Diving Centres & Schools

Sedna Yacht Charter Diving School

Address: Calle Virgilio, 27 · Ca’n Pastilla, Palma de Mallorca, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 549 957
Web :

Mar Balear in El Toro, near Palma de Mallorca

Address: Urb. El Toro, Calvià, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 699 799
Web :

Tauchschule Big Blue Diving Mallorca in Palma Nova, near Palma de Mallorca

Address: Calle Martin Ros García, 6,07181 Palmanova, Majorca
Tel: +34 971 68 16 86
Web :

Ocean Diving Mallorca in El Arenal, near Palma de Mallorca

Address: Sud-West-Divers S.L.,c./ Ferran Alzamora, El Arenal, Palma, Majorca
Tel: +34 639 62 92 11
Web :

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