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Welcome to the enchanting island of Majorca, also known as Mallorca, one of world’s most popular and major beach holiday island of Spain, located on the east of Spain mainland, in the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful destination is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago and is renowned for its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking natural landscapes. ajorca is also one of the busiest holiday islands and entertainment centres in Europe with more than 300 days of sunshine and 350 miles of beautiful coastline.

The island can be considered as the island of tranquillity as well as isle of light and beauty. From its rich history and culture to its stunning beaches, outdoor adventures, delicious cuisine, and vibrant festivals, the island offers a diverse range of experiences. 

Find out great days out, things to do and sightseeing on the island, including the best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions and sights, and all of the useful information you need to know before you go.

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Are you dreaming of a sun-soaked Mediterranean getaway? Majorca offers an incredible array of holiday resorts and destinations to suit every traveler’s preferences. Whether you seek vibrant nightlife, tranquil beaches, outdoor adventures, or luxurious experiences, this beautiful Mediterranean island has it all. Start planning your dream vacation to Majorca and create memories that will last a lifetime.

From the lively streets of Palma de Mallorca to the idyllic coves of Cala d’Or, Majorca’s top resorts and destinations await your exploration. Embrace the warmth of the sun, immerse yourself in the rich culture, and indulge in the delights of this captivating island paradise.

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Are you visiting Majorca for the first time? You can find out all the necessary information and top recommendations to plan your first trip to Majorca easy, well planned, fun and safe. You can read our guides here the top attractions, sights, boat trips, travel tips, and more things to do.

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