Best Beaches in Magaluf (Beaches Map + Insider Advice)

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

The Magaluf beach, Son Matias beach and Palmanova beach are the three beautiful white sandy beaches in Magaluf with crystal clear waters. In summer, the sun and the beaches are an open invitation to relaxation.

A great day out at the Magaluf beaches is also one of the best things to do in Magaluf. For the ones who like water sports, there are also many water sports activities such as jet-skiing, banana boat rides, parascending, snorkelling, kite surfing and scuba diving.

Magaluf Beaches Map

  • No.10- Palmanova beach – 1000 x 60 m.
  • No.11- Son Matias beach – 1200 x 100 m.
  • No.12- Magaluf beach – 1600 x 60 m.

Best Beaches in Magaluf

Magaluf beach (Playa de Magaluf)

Magaluf beach is the main beach of Magaluf. The beach promenade is also very attractive and lively. It is a great sandy beach and 1,6 km. in length and 60 m. in width.

Son Matias beach

Son Matias beach is another popular beach of Magaluf, located is within a walking distance to Magaluf and Palmanova. It is a great sandy beach and 1,2 km. in length and 100 m. in width.

Palmanova beach (Playa Palmanova)

Palmanova beach is a popular beach of Palmanova resort that runs from Punta Marroig to Punta Nadala. It is a great sandy beach and 1 km. in length and 60 m. in width.

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