Explore south & south-western Majorca, from Llucmajor to ses Salines

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Here you can find our road trip guide and itinerary to explore the island along south & south-western Majorca, from Llucmajor, Porreres, Felanitx, Portocolom, Alqueria Blanca through Santanyí, Llombards, Ses Salines, and Cap Blanc. You’ll find information on what to expect and see from this day trip.

Itinerary & Route Location

South & South-West of Majorca

Itinerary & Route Distance

about 100 km.

Itinerary & Route Destinations

  • Llucmajor – (MA-5020; 13 km.)
  • Porreres – (MA-5100; 13 km.)
  • Felanitx – (MA-4010; 12,7 km.)
  • Portocolom – (MA-4012; 4,4 km.)
  • Alqueria Blanca – (MA-19; 5,1 km.)
  • Santanyí – (MA-6100; 3,4 km.)
  • Llombards – (MA-6100; 4,4 km.)
  • Ses Salines – (MA-6101, 6015, 6014; 28,2 km.)
  • Cap Blanc

Route Map

What You’ll See?

In Llucmajor you may visit the convent and Town Hall, and from Llucmajor town centre to Porreres, you may drive through the fields that has a different landscape from the scrub-land characteristic of “sa Marina” coast.

Llucmajor Old Town

In Porreres you may visit the historic centre and the town museum and enjoy the beautiful views from the Sanctuary of Montision.


In Felanitx you may visit the mill quarter and the parish church as well as the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador and the Santueri Castle in the surrounding area.

In Portocolom you may explore and enjoy the inlet with its docks, houses and period villas.


From Portocolom, heading to Santanyí, you may drive through the typical hamlets of S’Horta, Calonge and s’Alqueria Blanca.

And than you may give a break at Cala d’Or, Portopetro and Mondragó nature park and visit Cala Figuera and Cala Santanyí and time permitting “es Pontàs”.

Cala Santani

After continuing towards Ses Salines, you may take the road to the lighthouse to see the island of Cabrera. There you may visit the salt pools of Colònia de Sant Jordi, the es Trenc beach, Campos salt marsh and Sant Joan de la Fontsanta that is the only natural spa on the island of Majorca.

Ses Covetes, sa Ràpita and s’Estanyol are the coastal residential areas. There you may visit the Capocorb prehistoric settlement near the “sa Marina” cliffs of Llucmajor and further on you may reach Cap Blanc and Cap Enderrocat with their defensive towers.


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