Explore north western Majorca, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller through Bunyola

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Here you can find our road trip guide and itinerary to explore the island along north western Majorca, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller, Port de Soller, and jardins d’Alfàbia (Bunyola). You’ll find information on what to expect and see from this day trip.

Itinerary & Route Location

North-West of Majorca

Itinerary & Route Distance

about 35 km.

Itinerary & Route Destinations

  • Valldemossa – (MA-1130, MA-10; 10,5 km.)
  • Deià – (MA-10; 2,4 km.)
  • Sóller – (MA-1134, 3,2 km.)
  • Port de Sóller – (MA-1134, 3,2 km.)
  • Sóller – (MA-11; 6,7 km. (Tunel) – 13,1 km. (Coll Sóller))
  • Jardins Alfabia

Route Map

What You’ll See?

Valldemossa is a famous town that where Chopin and G. Sand stayed in the charterhouse during the winter of 1838-1839. Here you may visit and see the Palace of King Sancho, the Charterhouse, the Museum and the gardens of one of the most emblematic villages on the island of Majorca.


From there, you may drive a few kilometres from the town and come to other enchanting village perched on a hill, Deià, and here you may find Son Marroig and “sa Foradada”. Here you may visit Llucalcari that is a beautiful hamlet beside the sea.


Than comes popular village Soller, that  is surrounded by mountains, dry-stone terraces, fields, gardens and a stream. The train station and the museum are the popular sights of the town. Sóller has a very peculiar and almost unique architectural heritage. The Sóller Museum, the Botanical Garden and the Balearic Nature Science Museum are worth a visit and see in Sóller.

From Sóller, you may continue to Port de Sóller either by tram or by car. The port is a must see and a natural haven in the mountains.

Port de Soller

Returning to Sóller, you may drive to visit the Alfàbia Gardens and Bunyola located on the other side of the mountain.

Alfabia Gardens

You may access the gardens via a toll tunnel or on the old mountain road. You may pass under the grove leading to the house, which is surrounded by gardens and find a great variety of trees and plants, a very large pool and on one end water fountains, pools and cascades.


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