Explore northern Majorca, from Inca through Cap Formentor and Sa Pobla

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Here you can find our road trip guide and itinerary to explore the island along northern Majorca, from Inca, Selva, Lluc, Pollensa, Formentor, to Alcúdia, Port d’Alcúdia, s’Albufera, and sa Pobla. You’ll find information on what to expect and see from this day trip.

Itinerary & Route Location

North of Majorca

Itinerary & Route Distance

about 115 km.

Itinerary & Route Destinations

  • Inca – (MA-1100; 4 km.)
  • Selva – (MA-1100; 2,4 km.)
  • Caimari – (MA-1100, 10,7 km.)
  • Lluc – (MA-10, 21,8 km.)
  • Pollensa – (MA-2200; 5,8 km.)
  • Port de Pollensa – (MA-2210; 20,5 km.)
  • Cap Formentor – (MA-2210; 20,5 km.)
  • Pollensa – (MA-2220; 8,6 km.)
  • Alcúdia – (MA-13A; 2 km.)
  • Port d’Alcúdia – (MA-12; 5,5 km.)
  • Albufera – (MA-3433; 11,7 km.)
  • Sa Pobla

Route Map

What You’ll See?

Inca is a lovely town famous for its leather and shoe outlets, its “cellers” or bodegas that have been converted into old style restaurants, Santa María la Mayor and its two convents.

After getting to Selva, located on top of a hill, you may visit the parish church with its steps flanked by cypress trees.

From there, driving through Caimari, through olive groves, and continuing towards Lluc, passing by the“Salt de la Bella Dona” cliff, you may experience and enjoy the peace and silence prevail in the monastery and its surroundings.

From there, following the road down to Pollensa, you may see its Calvary chapel and Roman bridge, and from there you may drive to the beautiful Bay of Pollensa. Here comes the resort Puerto Pollensa that is a privileged residential and tourist area of northern Majorca.

Puerto Pollensa

From there, you may drive to Formentor that has unique landscape with a wonderful beach, pine forests, hotel, houses and stunning views on the way to the lighthouse.

Cap Formentor

From there you may drive along the bay to visit other popular old town of Alcudia that where you may visit its medieval walls and the remains of the Roman City of Pollentia.

Alcudia Old Town

2 km. from Alcudia, you may come to popular resort Port d’Alcudia, that is busy with fishing boats and freighters and has also become a popular tourist resort in northern Majorca.

Port d’Alcudia

From there, you may drive around s’Albufera Nature Park that is a wetland with very diverse fauna and flora and come to sa Pobla with its fields that have been reclaimed from the marshes and its contemporary art and toy museums.

s’Albufera Nature Park

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